John Paiva – 70 Years

I met John Paiva when I lived in the Munich area several years ago. He was playing with Steve Hooks as a Jazz Duo and together with Steve and Ron Evans as a Acoustic Blues and Jazz Trio. You could find John also with his Jazz Quartett in Munich.

Today is John’s 70th birthday and this is a perfect chance to have some pictures of John on my website again. Happy birthday, John!

I took all pictures during live gigs in 2007 with my Nikon D200 that I used to have with me that days.

I love John’s guitar style and it’s always a pleasure to see him live.

Today John is performing Jazz music in smaller clubs in and around the Munich area. This is a performance at the Le Pirate in Rosenheim.

Some of you might even remember John from the time when he was playing with the Four Seasons.
In 1975 they had big hits like December, 1963 (Oh What a Night) and Who Loves You.

For an interesting interview I recommend this article at the site.

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  1. Robert,
    Thank you for making this page. I am honored.

    • John, it’s been a pleasure! All the best and see you later this year!

    • John Paiva
      I’m a huge fan of the Four Seasons and have been trying to get in touch with you for a while. I hope you’ll take a moment and read my comments. Years ago a classmate of mine introduced me to your contributions to the Four Seasons and we became fast friends. This year he’ll be retiring from the Air Force, and I’ve been trying to gather autographed photos from every surviving member of the Four Seasons. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to successfully reach out to Frankie Valli and Tommy DeVito, but it would mean the world to us both if I could have you sign a pair of photos for me and my buddy Brian. I would be happy to send you a pair of photos and a SASE to make it easy to return them to me. If you’re inclined to grant this fan this meager request – you can send an email to my yahoo address, georgethree33 I really hope you’ll see this message and reach out, there are no words to describe the impact your music has had on my life. Not a day goes by where the music of the Four Seasons doesn’t echo in the walls of my home. I hope to hear from you soon.

  2. I loved seeing this tribute. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

  3. Happy Birthday Dear John !!
    keep up your beautiful giutar sound…
    your friend – Uri

  4. Hi John

    Happy Birthday

    All the best to you !!!!!

    Hope to See you soon!!

    Und noch besser … wir spielen zusammen !!
    Lg Heinz

  5. Happy 70th Birthday John. Make it a good one! Love, Lynn xxxx

  6. jack king

    John, Welcome to the 70 Club! I’ts hard to believe that 48 years have passed since first hearing you play. It seems like only yesterday that I heard you playing a wicked Portuguese Mandolin. Happy Birthday ! Keep strumming.

    Jack and Lucille

  7. Ken Schubert

    Happy Birthday, John, and wishes for many more.

    Continue to make beautiful music. It is a great way
    to live a long satisfying life and to inspire those that
    follow in your footsteps.


  8. Rita Graham

    Happy Birthday, JP!
    Luv these photos!
    May the next 70 Years be as Elegant as You Are!
    Much Love and continued success to You and Yours,
    Rita Graham

  9. Christine Salomon Williams

    Happy Birthday John, I am so glad that you are sharing your talent with the world.. you are so much more than Boston and Revere Beach (but it was fun! ) Christine

    • John Paiva

      Hello Christine,
      I just looked in on this page as my birthday is in January and I recalled the nice work my friend had done for my 70th. Just saw your message and naturally I am curious. Did we know each other back then?
      Somehow I have only fond memories of Revere Beach. I suspect it was pretty creepy, but when a guy is 21-22, life is grand.
      If you get this message, please write back.