Ron Evans Group Live at the Studio Lounge (b/w)

Today I present a selection of photos shot during last Saturday’s gig of the Ron Evans Group at the Studio Lounge in Untertrubach (between Bayreuth and Nuremberg). I was shooting with both the M9 with the 35er Summicron and the a7R with the Noctilux. In this article I show a black and white set, developed with SilverEfex. There will be another article with a color development. The atmosphere was great and the band enjoyed the room on the big stage

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  1. Interesting you have the noctilux on the a7r rather than the M9. Are you using focus peaking?

    • Yes, I do use focus peaking and also the zoom function here. The zoom is especially useful in light conditions on stage where you have extremely changing lightning – sometimes almost dark and then spotlights on. With the M9 I have been to often behind or in front of the desired focus point, even after readjustment in Solms. This time I had the Summicron with me for the first time for a live shooting and I was suprised about the results with the M9 and this amazing small 35mm lens. It’s also very convenient wearing both cameras together as you are prepared for most situations then.