On March 28th, we have met at the Bluesgarage Isernhagen – and now a few weeks later, on April 16th, I went to Bonn. With Bonn I have a special relation as I was born in this city almost 50 years ago. But the Harmonie I did not know yet. A great club with a beer garden and a restaurant! Here should the recording for “Songs from the road” take place – Thorbjørn Risager will then in about September join a very interesting and high-caliber collection of live productions from Ruf Records. Thomas Ruf was of course present as well.

Before the performance started,we did a few group photos in the beer garden at the stage door. Once with the complete recording crew, then with Thomas Ruf (Ruf Records) and Annika Westman (Management), and then with the band, who was to play this time with two saxophonists and female support from Sweden.

The line-up for this evening:

Kasper Wagner – sax
Peter W Kehl – trumpet
Hans Nybo Jørgensen – sax
Emil Balsgaard – keys
Thorbjørn Risager – guitar, vocals
Martin Seidelin – drums
Peter Skjerning – guitar
Søren Bøjgaard – bass
Ida Bang – vocals
Lisa Lystam – vocals

The band started with all members on stage. Music, light and, above all, the mood in the well-attended Harmonie were outstanding! At the end there was a very soulful encore, which was sung by Lisa and Thorbjørn. More I won’t write tonight, in the meantime there are press articles and other reports – e.g. John Hurd with his site 3SONGSBONN – in the network.

Also one can even convince yourself in autumn
I have 70 photos chosen here to document the evening.

And here I have the set list from that night