Cars & Stripes at Lenkwerk Bielefeld

Last Sunday the 1. US Classic-Car Meeting at the Lenkwerk Bielefeld took place. I learned by chance via a Facebook invitation about this event. The weather was great – thus we hit the road 100 km westwards. The Lenkwerk is an amazing facility for the Classic-Car-Enthusiast – well, so for me I definetley will show up there again.

I packed my Billingham with the Leica M(240) and Noctilux as well as the Leica Q. Below I present a photo selection from that day. The viewer will notice also some non-US-car – well, a DS or Pagoda cannot be left by me without taking a shot or two

Leica M(240), Noctilux, f0.95

Leica Q, mostly f1.7

A nice video by Jan Selonke can be watched here

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  1. Lovely photos. You’ve been busy – Leica Q. I would be interested in your impressions of it. I’m tempted.

  2. Thank you, Draco. I will be shooting with the Q a lot the next weeks and plan to put up an article about it on my site later this month. I like the Q a lot so far and I’m very happy with the 28mm.

  3. Thanks. I stopped by the local boutique yesterday. They can’t get enough to keep up with the demand. It sounds like the early days of the M9.