Joe Bonamassa in Hanover again. For me the third JB concert in the city and the fourth JB show in total. Joe started at the Bluesgarage 12 years ago. And by now everybody should have heard his name around here.

I was lucky to get a front-row ticket like last year. And the show was brilliant again Joe Bonamassa was accompanied by outstanding musicians – everybody a virtuoso on his instrument. Plus on top of that Mahalia Barnes and Jade MacRae as background singers. The audience needed a bit to warm up, but the JB train was speeding up and nobody was left behind. For the last songs we were allowed to come close to the stage. Joe waved to the audience, and finally Rock’n’Roll was allowed for us as well. No chance for the security ladies to keep us seated…

During these final songs I took some snaps with my Huawei Mate9 mobile. I did the same post processing like last year, although the Mate9 has no raw files, the quality is quite alright. At least you can get an idea of the dynamics between the musians, especially in the photo series towards the end of the gallery below. Well, nothing compared to if I would have been allowed to take my SL and M with me.
My favorite one is JB standing at the edge of the stage in front of the wave of the handsof his fans. What a night! And by the way: Happy Birthday and welcome to the Top 40, Joe!

Looking forward to see you again in Hanover. How about stopping by for two days? One at the Swiss-Live-Hall – and one at the Bluesgarage. That should be double fun.

A more detailed concert review in German by Andreas Haug with great photos by Jeff Kahras can be found at the Rockszene site. Some more shots at Jeff Kahras facebook page.

Guitar and Vocals – Joe Bonamassa
Bass – Michael Rhodes
Keyboards – Reese Wynans
Trumpet and Trombone – Lee Thornburg
Saxophones – Paulie Cerra
Drums – Anton Fig
Vocals – Mahalia Barnes
Vocals – Jade McRae