Kris Kristofferson Live at the Blues Garage Isernhagen

Kris Kristofferson performing live at the Blues Garage Isernhagen
The Garage was packed with around 450 people – I only remember a similar audience once, that was Dickey Betts some years ago. But I have never seen an audience here in a mood like tonight.

On time at 8 p.m. Kris Kristofferson was entering the stage – frenetic applause. The stage was set up like a living room to reflect the title printed on the ticket – ‘An Intimate Evening with…’ -and it felt exactly like that.

The setlist was a selection of Kris’ best songs – with frenetic applause after every performance. Closer you won’t be able to get to him as at this night, and this is what I love with this kind of concerts in smaller or even larger clubs like the Blues Garage.

I was standing with two other photographers at the left side in the 2nd row. We were allowed to take shots during the first three songs only. Which is the usual way for bigger venues but not fort the Blues Garage.

I am sure that most of you know at least a few songs by Kris Kristofferson – for sure everyone knows  ‘Me and Booby McGee’. To get an ideas of the performance tonight I recommend the current album ‘The Cedar Creek Sessions’, there is a player available at his website (you have to scroll down a bit). This is also a nice way to listen to some music while watching the shots I have selected.

Kris Kristofferson played 90 minutes without a break. When he left the stage he singned a few records that some fans handed over to him and he was shaking many hands when he left. Truly a night to remember!

Eight photos in the gallery below, both in colour and monochrome.

There is a video done by Martin Knaack available at YouTube.

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