If someone is active in the blues business for more than 50 years, then one would actually have to know the artist – one should think. I actually did not know Savoy Brown until last year. Unless, by any chance, the album “Witchy Feeling” has been played at Henry’s blues garage before a concert (which one I do not exactly remember anymore), these photos might not have been taken.The album did not run for the first time in the blues garage, but on that very evening I had finally identified the artist with an app and the smartphone and immediately put them on my list

Meanwhile, I have three CDs of Savoy Brown on the shelf and I had the concert date on March 29th, 2018 in the calendar for quite a while.Well, now the were live here in the blues garage.Kim Simmonds, guitarist and blues veteran from England, who has been in business for over 50 years, with a discography that is unlikely to be found by many other artists. He was accompanied by Pat DeSalvo on bass and Garnet Grimm on drums – in this lineup, the trio is on the road since 2013, but the two are playing at Savoy Brown already since 2009.I was very excited.

The trio set off with full steam. The garage was very well attended and after the first title there was a fantastic atmosphere. You will not recognise that Kim Simmonds is already 70 years (!) old. A virtuoso who, with his rhythm section, conjures up everything from boogie to slower blues ballads on his guitar like few others. The technique used was quite straight forward. A Diamond Bolero and a Gibson Les Paul and only two footswitches – everything else happens on the guitar itself. Whether with slide or without – he just has it.A fabulous blues sounds from the stage, in between short announcements or anecdotes to the history of each title.

An absolutely outstanding evening in Isernhagen! There were two sets and one encore. I brought my Leica SL with the Summilux 50 and present 28 photos here.Black and white development again with Silver Efex Pro 2. Below I have also linked a few Youtube clips from the evening.