Now, that sounds like a macho post? It wasn’t meant that way – but that’s how the text on the title photo reads. A snapshot taken at the corner between Eastcheap and Gracechurch Street. It is the Eastcheap Toilets in the City of London, in the background the construction site of the highest skyscraper in the city.

After a project meeting with an American software service provider in London in January, I spent two more days with my son. He has been living in London for some time. These photos are all from Friday, January 11th. During the day and in the evening we were walking around the city a couple of times, everyone could actually show the other some interesting views of the city that the other one didn’t know yet.

For me the panoramic terrace on the Tate Modern was new, for him the view from the Fire Monument. Here I was pretty familiar, I spent some days in the offices at Fenchurch Street, which you can see quite well from up here.

Very impressive is also the view from the restaurant Ducks & Waffles to the Gherkin including Tower and Tower Bridge. The weather was dry with interesting light, both during the day and in the evening. I only brought the M10 and the Summicron 35 with me, small and handy, but still outstanding in usability with very nice results.

Beside the views to this always interesting city there were also some portraits shot. I developed all photos in black and white and created some new styles, which I will use more often in the future.