Last Friday I moved my studio from List to Herrenhausen. Suddenly I got a WhatsApp video call – Ron was in town for two days – and I almost finished moving. So I suggested we should meet the next day for a spontaneous photo shoot.

The new studio is a room in the former administrative building of the Hanover-based loudspeaker and entertainment electronics manufacturer quadral. An old building from 1900, behind it a large manufacturing hall from 1939. When I moved in I had also asked the property management for permission to do portraits outside.

I changed my LED lights a bit and covered them with a fabric for softer light. But I still use the parallel setup, plus kicker if necessary.

We started with the first headshot session in the new studio. Ron was right in his entertainer element, beside the two photos shown here there are still a lot of fun pictures.

As an encore I took a new passport photo for Ron.

After that we spent a few minutes in the outdoor area, and I think we created a nice portrait with guitar in the evening light.

The next two weeks I have a break, but then I’m back on track again, there are some TfP dates, with the results I would like to add to my portfolio.

Now the photos – for the Headshots I also created a version in my own black and white mix.

Here are some photos taken with my smartphone outside the studio. We later drove with Ron’s new VW T6 to have dinner with James Dean