Rømø Motorfestival 2022

On 20 August, we were on Rømø with perfect beach weather. Here are some photos from the race day of the Rømø Motorfestival 2022. Next year, I will definitely have to take a second camera with a telephoto lens. 

What an atmosphere, what an ambience – you really forget for a whole day and even a little more what bullshit the politicians of all countries are telling us right now.

Let’s enjoy life and the V8 while it lasts – or even the V12 aircraft engine from Hispano-Suiza (27 litres engine size!) in a modified American LaFrance chassis from 1914

This vehicle in motion can also be seen in this video from 2021:

To take part in the race, the vehicle must be built before 1947. A popular racing vehicle is, for example, the Ford V8 from the 1930s, which could be seen this day in various hot rod variants. Recognise the great license plate in the 3rd photo.

But friends of classic cars will also get their money’s worth, because numerous vehicles from the late 40s to the 70s are parked on the edge of the racetrack – as well as many visitors with unusual vehicles, caravans and mobile homes. Here, too, an enthusiast has shown consideration in choosing the number plate of the last photo in the small series

It was certainly an exceptional day for motorbike enthusiasts as well. The beach must have seen tens of thousands of visitors that day. A nice summary can be found in this video, for example.

More information on the Motor Festival page – also there a very cool video with photo sequence.