Who is Rob?

Since 2006, my focus have been reportages on music events and travel photography. Over the last decades I have taught myself the techniques and attended workshops on special topics.

Besides documentation, photography also has an artistic aspect for me. A photo should not just be a simple representation of the situation, but also reflect the mood and, if possible, a spatial depth. For these reasons it may take longer sometimes until the picture is in the box as desired.

I like to use purposeful sharpness gradients as a means of design – for this reason many of my pictures are created with fast lenses and open aperture.

The robcale.de website was created a few years ago as a blog with a focus on live concerts. This has shifted somewhat since the beginning of 2020, and there are now more posts about travel, walks or from my photo archive at a loose sequence.

xprssn.st is since May 2021 the new address of my main page with information about my service offer and the content of the former blog will be continued under the address blog.xprssn.st.

Rob Cale – Expressionist [photographer for expressive images]